Agency Match helps companies and marketing agencies find each other

Agency Match was set up because we felt finding a marketing agency was far too difficult.

Having sat on both sides of the client/agency divide, it struck us that it was hard for companies to understand which agencies were within their budgets without spending hours emailing prospective partners. They then had to deal with the inevitable mountain of sales calls and emails afterwards.

It was equally hard for marketing agencies to bring in new leads. Agencies spend so much time servicing their clients, that finding the time to actually market their own agency and win new business was tough. Their other options seemed to be limited to paying a salary to a business development professional, or paying an upfront cost to be part of a network or directory. Both come with a financial risk.

Agency Match was established to bridge the gap between companies needing help with marketing, and agencies needing new clients.

Our service is completely free to use for companies. We charge agencies a percentage fee, only if they’re successful in winning business.

How this works

Just input the criteria that’s important to you, and let Agency Match do the rest. We’ll email you within a few days of receiving the request with a list of agencies that best match your requirements, and you can make your own selection and get in contact with them.

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  2. Get a list of best suited agencies
  3. Pick your agency partner

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